MAGNUS, the world’s first truly wireless, radar-based level monitoring solution. Our unique, advanced fully managed service allows you to be proactive with your clients generating better customer service levels and loyalty, more than 30% increase in logistical efficiency and a quicker ROI.

magnus platform

Our easy to use dashboard allows you to use any Internet connected device to monitor all of your customer’s containers. This provides the visibility and data required to make more informed decisions which lead to greater efficiency.

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magnus monitor

MAGNUS is an incredibly high accuracy level monitor that can remotely monitor tanks up to 4m in height. The battery-driven solution is low powered when compared to expensive mains wired solutions and can measure at a high frequency for 5 years. MAGNUS, unlike ultrasonic based solutions, is unaffected by environmental factors such as temperature, dust or humidity.

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magnus app

Your customers get their monitored level data at their fingertips from anywhere and at any time. MAGNUS analyses data to provide benchmarking against the typical user like them and allows customers to easily review their historical usage data.

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