An advanced platform for outstanding hardware.

We use AI and Machine Learning to manage our innovative radar level monitors and generate actionable insights of your business


Our easy to use dashboard allows you to use your PC, Laptop or Tablet to monitor all of your customer’s containers. This provides the visibility and data required to make more informed decisions which lead to greater efficiency.

tank reports

A cloud based solution with actionable analytics allows you to predict, plan and manage stock as well as workload and capacity and by regular servicing allows for a more predictable cash flow. Efficient planning means fewer trips and with automated warnings cuts out the emergencies.


Reduction in carbon footprint due to reduction in multiple trips to same location and therefore less wear and tear on delivery/collection vehicles. This single platform gives view of all clients.


Create targeted marketing campaigns from the dashboard, such as cold weather campaigns or special offers, and interact directly with customers in sync with the Magnus App.

Reduce the need for flyers and texts and improve conversion rates.


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